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We are the team behind VivifyScrum. With a clear vision and a singular goal, we are committed to making it the best project management software.

How we started

VivifyScrum was released on August 1, 2014. We set out on VivifyScrum journey from an outsourcing web development company Vivify Ideas.

In the beginning, we wanted to offer a project management tool that will be intuitive and simple enough yet boasting all the functionalities an agile team might need to better their work. In addition to developing a great product, we needed a project that will help us grow as developers. We definitely had a clear idea of the kind of product we wanted to develop.

Where we’re going

The initial reactions and feedback from early adopters gave us a boost to stay motivated and even more determined to deliver a great product. Yes, the road was bumpy at first, but we learned a lot and we jumped at the opportunity to apply the knowledge we gained.

Over the years, VivifyScrum went from a simple Scrum and Kanban collaboration tool to the comprehensive agile project management software suitable for any business. And the journey is anything but over.

Product Timeline