The available documentation is for an older version of VivifyScrum. New documentation will be published soon.

How it works

VivifyScrum is designed to be feature-rich and meet the needs of agile teams striving to develop and deliver high-quality software. Find out all about VivifyScrum features and what makes it stand out from other agile tools.

App Characteristics

  • Single page tool
  • Real-time visibility into the process
  • Cloud-based
  • No need for installation
  • No system requirements
  • Drag-and-drop environment
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  • Choose between Scrum and Kanban Board
  • Specify Board name and description
  • Import Board and Team Members configuration 
  • All Boards visible and accessible from sidebar
  • Scrum Board offers a Product Backlog, Sprint and Burndown charts
  • Kanban Board is a simple, one-page Board with manageable lists of items
  • Possibility to archive, reopen and delete Boards
  • Import an existing backup of your project (beta)
  • Export your Boards


  • Invite and manage your Team in Configure Team section in sidebar
  • Assign privileges:
    • Owner
    • Admin
    • Write member
    • Read and comment member
    • Read-only member
  • Specify a default assignee

Product Backlog

  • Add and organize Items into upcoming Sprints
  • Manage and plan Sprints
  • Add as many Sprints as you want
  • Reorder Sprints with simple drag-and-drop control
  • Choose the Sprint you wish to start
  • Start multiple Sprints simultaneously
  • Show or hide finished Sprints
  • Manage large Backlogs with Search and Filter options
  • Filter items by: Author, Asignee, Type, Priority, Reviewer, Value, Level, Labels

Sprint Backlog

  • Access Sprint Backlog of an active Sprint
  • Name your Sprints
  • Define timebox for Sprints
  • Add Sprint Goal
  • Organize your workflow based on your needs (add or delete columns)
  • Filter Items within Sprint Backlog
  • All unfinished Items at the end of Sprint can be returned to Product Backlog, moved to another Sprint or deleted
  • Export Sprint items or users' work (JSON and CSV files)


  • Define required Item title
  • Add multiple checklists or acceptance criteria
  • Break Item into subitems
  • Comment on Items with Team Members
  • Check out all activities related to Item
  • Full Item view for better visibility and communication
  • Set Due Date

Extra Item Features

  • Add various Item details:
    • description
    • assignee
    • points
    • value
    • type: story, bug, improvement, task and note
    • priority: low, normal, high, urgent and critical
    • reviewer
    • labels
  • Manage labels - add, edit or delete
Item Details 


  • Attach relevant files to Items, in description and comments, by dragging and dropping or by selecting them from your device
  • Add files from Google Drive, Dropbox and OneDrive
  • Upload multiple files at once

Work Log

  • Work log - log the exact amount of time you or your Team Member spent working on an Item
  • Add a note to the Work log
  • Export your work log


  • Sprint activity - gives you an insight into detailed activity of every Team Member by Item and by Sprint


  • Burndown chart
  • Velocity chart
  • Reports for finished Sprints for each member and the whole Team (number of completed and unfinished Items, total number of Items, bugs, points, values, logged hours)

Rich Text Editing

  • Commenting directly in VivifyScrum and via email
  • Mention @all Team Members or one by @name
  • Link different Items with # sign (autocomplete suggestions will help you choose the right Item)


  • Recieve updates via email based on your preferences
  • Desktop notifications

External Integration

  • Chat Integration:
    • Slack
  • Revision Control Integration:
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
    • Bitbucket
  • CI integration:
    • Travis
    • Semaphore
    • GitLab CI
  • Import from:
    • Pivotal Tracker
    • Trello
    • JIRA (beta)


  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Movable items within Backlogs
  • Coming soon:
    • Android app
    • iOS app