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VivifyScrum Features to Power Your Project Management

  • A simple way to organize and manage your business

    Handle all aspects of your business with a single agile tool - from project management and invoicing to team management and collaboration. Track the progress of your Projects and, just a click later, create Invoices and send them to your Clients directly from VivifyScrum.

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    A simple way to organize and manage your business
  • Manage Projects

    See who is working on which project and for how many hours per week. Connect all Boards where you track your work and collaborate with the team members. Keep your eyes on project progress from the start to the end date.

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    A simple way to organize and manage your business
  • Agile Board to suit your needs

    Visualize your workflow and take team collaboration to a higher level. Create custom workflows on a board and focus on delivering value to your products/projects. Choose between two agile board types: Scrum board or Kanban board, depending on how you work. Get instant updates about the changes on a board.

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    Agile Board to suit your needs
  • Scrum Board

    Ideal for Scrum framework users who organize their work into iterations - Sprints. Set a Sprint goal and prioritize tasks that will help you achieve the goal. Multiple active sprints enabled for different teams collaborating on one board.

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    Scrum Board
  • Kanban Board

    Customize your kanban board and development stages (columns) to fit the way you work perfectly. Set the Work in progress limit to match the team’s capacity and help your team focus on what’s important. Identify bottlenecks and come up with best ways to address them.

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    Kanban Board
  • Valuable reports and stats

    Get access to all the stats you need to identify how well your teams and individual team members are doing. Use different charts (including the Burndown Chart) and Scrum Metrics to improve your teams and deliver more value. Export any useful information in the format that best suits your needs.

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    Valuable reports and stats
  • Invoicing

    Create invoices for the work you perform and for the services you provide to your clients. Add your client base to easily send invoices to clients directly from the application. Turn your recurring invoices into templates to save time.

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  • In-app Team Management

    VivifyScrum’s in-app Team Management feature is a super easy way to get all important info on team members and their availability. Keep track of their engagements across projects, time-off requests and other significant events. Always know who is swamped and who could lend a hand on another project.

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    In-app Team Management
  • Time Management

    Add the new Time Tracker to your VivifyScrum, fire it up and get all the info on exactly how much time you and your team spend on your tasks. VivifyScrum Time Tracker will automatically keep worklogs for your tasks for later use - creating reports and invoices directly from the Worklogs page.

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    In-app Team Management
  • Data Management for GDPR - Coming soon!

    Don’t worry about handling the data of EU citizens, your business will be GDPR compliant when using VivifyScrum.

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    Data Management for GDPR - Coming soon!
  • VivifyScrum EDU

    Access the free Scrum training with your VivifyScrum account. VivifyScrum EDU is your online go-to place testing your existing Scrum knowledge and expanding it further. The course guides you through the Scrum framework by providing lessons, examples of best practice and key takeaways.

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    VivifyScrum EDU