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API Introduction

We’ve gone out of our way to give you access to the VivifyScrum API which enables you to manipulate all your Items, Sprints and Boards using third-party applications. 

You can use the sidebar on the left to find which actions you can use the VivifyScrum API for. We have divided them into the following categories:

If you cannot find one that you need, make sure to ask us (there are so many that we might have missed some). 

How to start

To be able to use VivifyScrum API, you'll need a unique Board API Key. One can be found on your ‘Configure Board’ page, on the Integrations tab. 

VivifyScrum API Screenshot

Simply copy the key already generated there and use it with all your API requests. API key can be sent as part of Authorization Header or as an additional GET parameter, it's up to you.

Request Format

In order to make it as easy as possible for you to use the VivifyScrum API, we’ve provided the most commonly used actions in a uniform format that you can consult when needed. 

The format looks like this:


API Request Format

Once again, take a look at the sidebar and find the actions that you can make with the VivifyScrum API.