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  • Scrum Board

    Create your Scrum Board - the easiest way to start your project. A Board represents a project or anything else that you are working on. Build your product backlog, organize sprints and invite others to collaborate with them, and more on your scrum boards.

  • Kanban Board

    If you prefer Kanban to Scrum or if you like to keep some or all of your work organized kanban-style, VivifyScrum provides you with an ability to build customizable Kanban Boards as well. You can even import projects from Trello and Pivotal Tracker.

  • Board Configuration

    Choose between scrum vs kanban boards and customize them so that they best suit your needs. Set default items and assignees; use item progress bars and estimations; define workdays and effort units. Take advantage of external integrations.

  • Board History

    Access Board History to find out what different team members did with various items on any given day. This option is perfect for users who are responsible for large projects with many items and team members contributing to them.

  • Product Backlog

    A good Product Backlog is the cornerstone of every successful project undertaken within the scrum framework. This is why VivifyScrum provides users with great visibility of their product backlogs and easy ways to modify them to achieve best value.

  • Sprint Backlog

    Sprint Backlog is the backbone of efficient scrum sprints, outlining the items that will become part of active sprints. Use the sprint backlog to organize your sprints, keep track of them and analyze your teams' performance during any given sprint.

  • Product Backlog Item

    A Product Backlog Item is anything that brings the project closer to completion. In VivifyScrum, users are given numerous ways to customize product backlog items and use them to organize their workflow. Use Details for added customization of your items.

  • Item Details

    Use Details to add an unprecedented level of customization to your product backlog items. Choose between 6 PBI types, add performers, labels and estimations to ensure the best possible organization of work.

  • Work Log

    The Work Log feature provides more transparency and precision to the work being done on a product backlog item. It is a great tool for analyzing how correct estimations are.

  • Item hierarchy

    Bring another layer of organization and prioritization by breaking product backlog items into subitems and defining relations between parent items and subitems.

  • Labels page - Epics

    The Labels Page is a great tool that helps organize boards and workflow based on the labels that were assigned to different product backlog items. Labels can now also be used to create Epics - large bodies of work that require multiple scrum sprints.

  • Files

    In the Files section, users can find and attach any and all files that are associated with the item being worked on. For easier organization, each board also has its own folder with files pertaining to items from that board.

  • Events

    The Scrum and Kanban Events feature enables users to schedule various events such as scrum review, scrum retrospective or daily scrum. With this option, you can also set due date and time for assignments.