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Scrum and Kanban Events let you set the date and the time to receive important notifications and reminders about your Items. Set a custom message you want to send to the Team Members you choose at the exact time.

Create an Event by clicking on the hourglass icon on the Item card. Events are also available when you open an Item. Look for the "Events" tab on the right. Select ‘Add Event’. 

Scrum and kanban events

Events tab on the Item modal
Events tab

After confirming a Date and Time you’ll have to write a message for your Event. Receivers are Team Members who are also followers of the Item, but you can add or remove any Team Member from the list of receivers. Created Event can be edited or removed.

Events notification

Events can remind you about important Scrum Events like Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, etc.

Events options

Due date

When getting assignments done at the exact time is important to you and your team, you can set a due date and time. In that way, you can prioritize and meet your deadlines. A Due date can be added to an Item.

Due date

To set a Due Date, click on the hourglass icon on the Item card or on the "Events" tab in the Item modal and select Due Date. Choose between 6 different options for setting a due date:

  • Today
  • Tomorrow
  • This Week (the last day of the current week)
  • This Sprint (Scrum Board only)
  • This Month (the last day of the current month)
  • Custom (pick a date)

When a Due Date is reached, you’ll receive an email notification.