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Scrum Board

The easiest way to start - Create your Scrum board

A Board is your workspace. It represents a set of Items a team works on and it helps with organizing the work.

How to create a Board?

Each Board you create will be within an Organization you choose. You can create Boards:

  • within your Organizations,
  • within the Organizations you are a member of and
  • within the Organizations on which you have Guest permissions (you become a Guest when you are a member of an active Board that belongs to that Organization).

Once you click the + Add New button and choose Add Board from the Sidebar or the Add new Board card on the My Boards page, you will need to define the Board Title. The Organization you are creating a Board in needs to be set. 

The Owner of the Organization will have the Board Owner permissions. If you create a Board within someone else's Organization, that other user will be the Board Owner, and you will have Admin permissions on the Board.   

VivifyScrum supports two types of Boards: Kanban Board and Scrum Board. You need to choose one. Later on, on the Configure Board page, you can switch between these two Board types.

After you choose the Scrum Board, you can choose to import Team Members and Configurations if there are any existing Boards you have access to. The import is optional.

scrum board import configuration

Scrum Board offers a Product Backlog, Sprints (periods of time during which you plan to do some amount of work organized into Items) and Burndown charts. If you use the Scrum framework or if you want to organize your work in several periods, this online Scrum Board should be the right thing for you.

scrum board

VivifyScrum allows you to import your existing project files from VivifyScrum, Trello and Pivotal backup.You can do that from the Boards page (within an Organization), by clicking on the button ‘Import’ in the upper right corner of the screen. All you need to do is to upload your exported file.


Import & Export (CSV, JSON)

If you need to export your Board or import backlog tasks, you can do it by clicking on the drop-down menu button in the upper right corner of the ‘Product Backlog’ page. You can export your Scrum Board in JSON and CSV formats, and import backlog tasks from a CSV file.

Import and Export board screenshot



How to transfer a Board to another Organization?

Product Backlog