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  • Data Management - GDPR

    We handle your data by respecting the GDPR principles. VivifyScrum is GDPR compliant.

  • Planning Poker

    VivifyScrum boasts the Planning Poker feature which is used for democratic estimates of backlog items. This is perfect for items that teams cannot agree on when it comes to estimating effort it will take to complete them.

  • Shortcuts

    VivifyScrum is all about making work easier and more efficient. To that end, we have included a number of keyboard shortcuts that you can use to access various options and features quickly and easily.

  • Search

    The Search and Filter options help users find items more easily and access them more quickly. Items can be filtered by assignees, reviewers, types and labels.

  • My Assignments

    My Assignments gives you an overview of all the items you are working on or are assigned to as a reviewer. A great feature for prioritizing and organizing your daily tasks.

  • My History

    Use My History to find all of your activities on all the boards you are a member of. Filter your activities and gain easy access to product backlogs.