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Planning Poker

Planning Poker is a simple and fun way to estimate a list of Backlog Items. It is an integral part of VivifyScrum - project management tool and estimating tool in one. 

Participants in Planning Poker

All members who participate in the session are estimators. The person who starts the session is the Planning Poker moderator.

Exclusive options for the Planning Poker moderator

  • Cancel the estimation of an Item
  • Can choose Items for estimating other than the ones that are provided by VivifyScrum
  • Edit the final result
  • Restart the voting on an Item


Participants can leave the Planning Poker session at any time by clicking X.

How to start Planning Poker in VivifyScrum?

Choose an Item you’d like to start with. You can start Planning Poker by opening the Item or from the Item card. Click on the Item Estimation icon, then open the Effort Units (Points by default) drop-down and find "Planning Poker" option (at the bottom of the list). Planning Poker pop-up modal appears on screen.

Planning poker in scrum

Invite Team Members to the Planning Poker session

Only Team Members who have access to the Board can participate in Planning Poker. All Team Members’ avatars are displayed. The ones that are offline (not logged in VivifyScrum) are faded and they can’t be invited to the session.

You can invite all Team Members at once or invite only the specific ones. After you’ve selected the Team Members you want to participate in the session, click the Invite button.

Invited and online Team Member sees a pop-up message - Planning Poker invitation. The Team Member can either accept or decline the invite.

Estimating the Backlog Items

The Item that is being estimated is shown at the top of the Planning Poker modal. Item preview is a link that opens the Item if someone needs to see more about it than just the info shown on the card.

A participant can choose an estimate (a number) from the predefined sequence on that specific Board. A question mark can also be chosen if a participant doesn’t want to give an estimate for some reason.

When all participants have selected their estimates, VivifyScrum will show the final result. The Planning Poker moderator can accept and save the final result and then move along to the next Item. The result can be edited by clicking the left or right arrow next to the final result. The estimation process on the same Item can be repeated by clicking the "Reset" button.