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Search - An icon of magnifying glass in the upper right corner of the screen represents a search form. When you click on it, you can type in what you want to find. The Search helps you find particular Product Backlog Items within your Boards. You can search for Items no matter on which Board they are (as long as the Board is not archived) so it is really easy to find what you’re looking for. There is also a keyboard shortcut that helps you focus on your Search. Just press the ‘s’ button and start typing the title of the Item you are searching for.

live search

serach results

In case you want to search for Items in only one Board, you can do this by typing the name of the Board in the search bar. When you see the Board you want to search through, select it and a Board code will appear in the search bar. Then, you can type what you want to find that will be searched through that one Board.

The ‘Filter’ option applies filters only on the Items in the Backlog you are currently viewing (whether it’s the Product or the Sprint Backlog). The Filter button is in the upper right part of the screen next to the Search option. A click on the button opens a drop-down menu with different filter options.

Items can be filtered by Item details: assignees, reviewers, authors, type, labels. You can select multiple filters. Remove all filters by clicking on the ‘Clear’ button or remove filters one by one. It is important to mention that the Filter remains active until it is cleared.

The option ‘Items’ in the Filter lets you search for all the related items within the Product or Sprint Backlog. Enter the Item code in the input field and press ‘Enter’. The Items you see on the Board are a Parent Item and connected Subitems.

Filters can be saved for repeated use. When you chose the desired criteria, click on the “Save new filter” option, type a name for the filter and save it. Later on, you can use saved filters on any Backlog within your Board.

Filters are also available on the following pages:

filter option


Tip: Filter your Product Backlog Items by clicking on any label. The Labels page will open and you will see all Items with that label.