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  • Slack integration

    VivifyScrum has an external integration with Slack, probably the most popular collaboration tool today. If you have multiple boards, all of them can be integrated with a different channel.

  • GitHub integration

    Find out how you can integrate VivifyScrum with GitHub and connect your repository with the tool and link your commits to items you are working on.

  • Bitbucket integration

    If you have a repository on BitBucket, you will be glad to hear that VivifyScrum also features a BitBucket Integration. This way, you do not have to juggle between your project management tool and your Bitbucket repositories.

  • GitLab integration

    VivifyScrum features a GitLab integration that links items you are working on with your repositories on GitLab, streamlining the process and making your work more efficient. Find out how to integrate VivifyScrum with GitLab.

  • Continuous integration

    Continuous Integration is crucial for agile software development which is why VivifyScrum integrates painlessly with Travis CI, Semaphore CI and GitLab CI. Find out how to do it.

  • Webhooks integration

    Set up a Webhooks integration with VivifyScrum and get notified about in-app activities on your Board in any third-party application that supports webhooks.

  • Jenkins Integration

    Learn about VivifyScrum's Jenkins integration.

  • Zapier Integration

    Find out how to make VivifyScrum work with Zapier and thousand other no-code integrations available via Zapier's ecosystem.