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Bitbucket integration

Bitbucket integration is pretty much similar to GitHub integration in that you can link your commits, new branches and pull requests to Items in VivifyScrum.

If you have a repository you want to connect with VivifyScrum, go to the ’Configure Board’ section, Integrations tab, enable Bitbucket and follow the instructions:

- Click on the ‘Enable’ button that is under the instructions and copy the generated URL

- log into your Bitbucket account

- open the repository that you want to connect with VivifyScrum

- click on ‘Settings’

- choose the ‘Webhooks’ option

- click on the ‘Add webhook’ button

- set ‘Title’

- paste the generated URL from VivifyScrum into the URL space on Bitbucket

- check ‘Status’ to activate

- for "Triggers" choose "Choose from a full list of triggers" option. Check "Push" under "Repository" section, "Created" and "Updated" under "Issue" section, "Created" and "Updated" under "Pull Request" section

- click on the ‘Save’ button.


Two-way Integration

If you want to use two-way synchronization and reflect changes from your board to Bitbucket repository (name, description), please fill in the required fields below the instructions in the app. 

To generate Bitbucket OAuth key and secret go to your Bitbucket account "Settings", choose "OAuth" section and click on "Add consumer". There you need to give a name to your consumer and check the "Permissions" that consumer will be granted. After you are done click "Save". In your "OAuth" section you will see your new consumer at the bottom and you can access to "Key" and "Secret" by clicking on consumers name

For "Bitbucket username" use username of your account

Instead of using your Bitbucket account password you can create an "App password" that can be used and revoked instead of your accounts password. To generate "Bitbucket app password" go to your Bitbucket account "Settings", choose "App passwords" section and click on "Create app password". There you give "Label" to your app password and check "Permissions" for that password. After you are done click "Create" and your "App password" will be displayed on the screen, but only that one time. Please copy and store it if you want to use it later.

As the last step, copy your repository link as "{username}/{repository_slug}"

That’s it! You have completed the two-way integration with Bitbucket!