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GitHub integration

To approve the GitHub integration, go to the 'Configure Board' page, Integrations tab, enable Github and do the following:

- Click on the ‘Enable’ button that is under the instructions and copy the generated Payload URL

- log into your GitHub account

- open the repository that you want to connect with VivifyScrum

- click on ‘Settings’

- choose the ‘Webhooks&Services’ option

- click on the ‘Add webhook’ button

- paste the generated Payload URL from VivifyScrum into the Payload URL on GitHub

- choose ‘Application/json’ as the content type

- copy the generated Secret from VivifyScrum into the Secret on GitHub

- click on the ‘Add webhook’ button.

After you complete the integration you can link your commits to Items. When you mention an Item name (by using #) in your commit, VivifyScrum automatically connects the commit with that Item.