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GitHub integration

The GitHub integration can be used to link your commits, new branches and pull requests to Items in VivifyScrum. By mentioning the Item name in your commit, new branch or a pull request, VivifyScrum automatically connects them with that Item in the tool, letting other team members know about the actions.

To approve the GitHub integration, go to the 'Configure Board' page, Integrations tab, enable Github and do the following:

- Click on the ‘Enable’ button that is under the instructions and copy the generated Payload URL

- log into your GitHub account

- open the repository that you want to connect with VivifyScrum

- click on ‘Settings’

- choose the ‘Webhooks&Services’ option

- click on the ‘Add webhook’ button

- paste the generated Payload URL from VivifyScrum into the Payload URL on GitHub

- choose ‘Application/json’ as the content type

- copy the generated Secret from VivifyScrum into the Secret on GitHub

- click on the ‘Add webhook’ button.


Two-way integration

If you want to use two-way synchronization and reflect changes (name, description, labels) from your VivifyScrum Board to your GitHub repository, please add the GitHub personal access token and link to your repository in fields below the instructions on the instructions page in the app. 

(You can find or generate your personal access token by visiting github access token page)


And you're off!