How it works

VivifyScrum is designed to be feature-rich and meet the needs of agile teams striving to develop and deliver high-quality software. Find out all about VivifyScrum features and what makes it stand out from other scrum and kanban tools.

Web App Characteristics

  • Single page tool
  • Real-time visibility into the process
  • Cloud-based
  • No need for installation
  • No system requirements
  • Drag-and-drop environment
welcome screen
scrum and kanban boards


  • Choose between Scrum and Kanban Board
  • Specify Board name and description
  • Import Board and Team Members configuration 
  • All Boards visible and accessible from sidebar
  • Scrum Board offers a Product Backlog, Sprint and Burndown charts
  • Kanban Board is a simple, one-page Board with manageable lists of items
  • Possibility to archive, reopen and delete Boards
  • Import an existing backup of your project
  • Export your Boards


  • Invite and manage your Team in Team Members page in sidebar
  • Assign privileges:
    • Owner
    • Admin
    • Write member
    • Read and comment member
    • Read-only member
scrum team
Product backlog scrum

Scrum - Product Backlog

  • Add and organize Items into upcoming Sprints
  • Manage and plan Sprints
  • Add as many Sprints as you want
  • Reorder Sprints with simple drag-and-drop control
  • Choose the Sprint you wish to start
  • Start multiple Sprints simultaneously
  • Show or hide finished Sprints
  • Manage large Backlogs with Search and Filter options
  • Filter items by: Asignee, Type, Reviewer, Labels

Scrum - Sprint Backlog

  • Access Sprint Backlog of an active Sprint
  • Name your Sprints
  • Define Sprint interval
  • Add a Sprint Goal
  • Organize your workflow based on your needs (add or delete columns)
  • Filter Items within Sprint Backlog
  • All unfinished Items at the end of Sprint can be returned to Product Backlog, moved to another Sprint or deleted
  • Export Sprint items or users' work log (JSON and CSV files)
Sprint Backlog Scrum
Product backlog item


  • Add Items inline
  • Define required Item title
  • Possibility to add rich title
  • Add multiple checklists or acceptance criteria
  • Break an Item into subitems
  • Comment on Items with Team Members
  • Check out all activities related to Item (comments, commits and activities)

Extra Item Features

  • Add various Item details:
    • description
    • assignee and reviewer
    • estimations
    • type: story, bug, improvement, task and note
    • labels
  • Planning Poker
Planning poker
files page


  • Attach relevant files to Items, in description and comments, by dragging and dropping or by selecting them from your device
  • View all files on the Files page
  • Upload multiple files at once

Labels page

  • Preview of all Labels within a Board
  • All Items on the Board with a specific label
  • Label Statistics
  • Label Description
Labels page
Board history


  • Board History - gives you an insight into detailed activity of every Team Member on the Board
  • My History - gives you an insight into your detailed activity on each Board you belong to


  • Burndown chart
  • Velocity chart
  • Reports for finished Sprints for each member and the whole Team (number of completed and unfinished Items, total number of Items, bugs, points, values, logged hours)
Burndown reports
Bulk actions

Bulk actions

  • Assign performers
  • Assign labels
  • Move Items within a Board or to another Board
  • Delete Items


  • Recieve updates via email based on your preferences
  • Desktop notifications
Slack integration

External Integration

  • Chat Integration:
    • Slack
  • Revision Control Integration:
    • GitHub
    • GitLab
    • Bitbucket
  • CI integration:
    • Travis
    • Semaphore
    • GitLab CI
  • Import from:
    • VivifyScrum Backup
    • Pivotal Tracker
    • Trello
    • JIRA

Desktop and mobile apps

  • Desktop supported platforms:
    • Apple MacOS
    • Windows
    • Linux
  • iOS app
  • Responsive
  • Fast
  • Coming soon:
    • Android app
Desktop app