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Organization Configuration

The Configuration page is a place where you will find the Organization info. Only the Organization Owner and Organization Admins can access this page.

The options available on the Configuration page are:

  • Organization name
  • Logo
  • Workdays
  • Vacation days
  • Ownership
  • Archiving the Organization
  • Deleting the Organization

Organization Admins can only change the Organization’s name, logo and workdays.


Vacation days

You can set the following:

  • Vacation days per year
  • Number of working months required for additional vacation days (the length of service in the company)
  • Number of additional vacation days granted
  • Expiration period for unused vacation days - no expiry date, end of the year, middle of the next year, end of the next year.

Visit a team member’s profile on the Organisation Team Management page to set up their joining date, which will automatically calculate the number of vacation days they get. You can also enter the value manually. All team members will be able to view their days off, while the users with Manage permissions can configure and edit the vacation days.

Ownership of the Organization

Only the Organization Owner can transfer the ownership to another Team Member by choosing him/her from the drop-down list. Available Team Members are the ones that have been added to the Organization.

Archive the Organization

This is another option that is available only to the Organization Owner. By archiving the Organization, all the Boards within will also be archived. Team members of the Boards within the archived Organization will not be able to access those Boards. The Organization Owner can either reopen or permanently delete the archived Organization from the Boards page.

Delete the Organization

The Organization Owner can choose to delete the Organization without archiving it first. Everything that is within the Organization will also be deleted - Boards, Projects, Clients, Invoices. Once the Owner deletes the Organization, it cannot be restored.



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