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Getting started

Signing up for VivifyScrum is easy. Click on the Sign up button in the upper right corner of the screen. All you need to provide is your email and password. You will receive a welcome email.

You can also sign up with your FacebookTwitter or Google+ account.

To finish registration, fill out your profile and you can start working immediately.

VivifyScrum getting started

When you create your first Organization, you'll be able to create collaboration Boards within it. 

VivifyScrum has a sidebar menu on the left. The sidebar contains Organizations and Boards within those Organizations. You'll be able to see the Organizations you create, Organizations you are a member of and Organizations within which the Boards you are a member of are. The sidebar is collapsible. It is quite easy to differentiate Organizations from Boards in the sidebar, even when collapsed. The Organizations have a round logo and the Boards have a square one.

The "Add New" buttons in the sidebar allow you to create new Organizations and new Boards within the existing Organizations.

At the bottom of the sidebar, you will see your avatar. By clicking on it you can access the following pages:

On the Profile page, you can also find a Log Out button in the upper right corner.

Basic Terms


A Board (Scrum or Kanban) represents a set of Items one Team works on. It gives the Team the opportunity to collaborate and enables them to track their performance. Boards are customizable which lets you visualize your workflow better. 


To start your work in VivifyScrum, you need to create your Organization. The default name of an organization is [User name] Private Organization. All Boards you create will be in your Organization. Other Boards you don’t own belong to different Organization. You can group related Boards within an Organization.


A Project gives you an overview of all connected Boards, all Team Members included in the Project and their Engagements on it. Don't mix up Projects with Boards that are used for Team collaboration. Link Boards that are relevant to the Project to get a quick overview of all work that pertains to the Project. You can create multiple Projects your Team Members work on. You can track the progress of the Projects and Team Members' engagements.