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My Organizations

My Organizations is your VivifyScrum homepage. On this page, you will see all Organizations of your interest. From here you can:

  • Access Active Organizations,
  • See your Archived Organizations and
  • Add new Organization

My organizations screenshot 

To organize and arrange your Organizations better, you can reorder cards simply by dragging and dropping. The reordering will also affect the order of the Organizations in the sidebar.

Each card represents one Organization. A card gives you an overview of which Projects and Boards are within the Organization. You can also see a few members of the Organization and their total number within it.

Organizations you own

The name of the Organization you own can be renamed directly from the card. You can also add new Projects and new Boards directly from a card by clicking on the relevant plus icon. 

As the Organization Owner, you have the possibility to archive an Organization. Archived Organizations can be reopened or deleted.