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A Project gives you an overview of all Team Members included in the Project, their Engagements on it, connected Boards and Clients. The Projects page contains a table of all projects in the Organization. Each row represents one Project. The columns are:

  • Project name,
  • Engagements - Team Members who work(ed) on a Project,
  • Groups (explained in the text below),
  • Boards linked to a Project,
  • Start and End date.

The rows are expandable. The expanded view gives you information about active and past Team Members’ engagements on the Project.

Projects screenshot

Admins and Members of the Organization can add new Projects. Members can only preview a Project, while Admins can edit or archive a Project. Archived Projects can be reopened or permanently deleted.

The Filter option is available on the page and the following criteria can be used:

  • Groups,
  • Boards,
  • Team Members,
  • Date range,
  • Option to show and filter archived projects.

Project filters screenshot

Add a Project

To add a Project, click on the button in the upper right corner of the screen (Add New Project). You’ll be able to choose the Organization within which you want to add a Project. The next step is naming the Project. You can also upload the Project’s logo, but it is not required.

Open a Project by clicking on it in the table. You’ll be able to see and edit information related to that Project. You can add different groups to a project in order to organize them better. A group has a name and a color. There are no predefined groups - you need to create the ones you need. Examples of the project groups are: Outsourcing, In-house project, Maintenance, etc.

Edit project

At the bottom of the Project modal, you’ll find three tabs: EngagementsBoards and Clients.

The Engagements tab will show all Engagements of Team Members added to the Project - active and past. You also have the option to add, edit and delete an Engagement directly from this Project modal.

The Boards tab lets you link relevant Boards to the Project. Multiple Boards can be linked to one Project (example: one project has Boards for development, design, marketing, etc.). Also, multiple Projects can be linked to one Board (example: multiple Projects are linked to the testers’ QA Board).

The Clients tab shows cards with basic client information. You can link existing clients or add new ones that are associated with the project.

Placeholder Engagements

Placeholder engagements enable you to plan your future team engagements. You can add an engagement even if you don't know exactly which team member will be working on the project. Later on, you can edit the engagement and assign a specific team member. To add a placeholder engagement click on the "Add Engagement" button and in the "User" field type in the placeholder text (e.g. Front-end developer, Developer 1, PM, etc.).




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