Account settings


When you click on your profile photo, you can access the Settings page. It is the last icon in the sidebar. There, in the Account tab, you can change your email address for signing in, your password and your personal information.

To personalize your account and ditch the grey silhouette, upload your avatar and choose a theme you like (Light, Dark, Graphite, Blue Velvet, Mist, Forrest Gump and Shrek). You can always change both the avatar and the theme, of course.

The Delete Account option is also available in the Account tab.

account settings


The second tab is the Notifications one. You can get notifications when something of interest to you happens in VivifyScrum. You need to meet one of the following requirements in order to receive notifications about an Item:

  • To be the Author of an Item
  • To be mentioned by a Team Member in a comment or in a description
  • To be the Assignee or the Reviewer on an Item
  • To be a Follower of an item (by clicking the + button, visible in the bottom right corner when you open the task)

There are two ways you can receive notifications:

  • Email notifications
  • Desktop notifications

You can have different preferences for email and for desktop notifications. All notifications are enabled by default. To disable a notification, uncheck the box next to the notification you don’t want to receive any more and save your changes.