"Billing" is a section accessible from the Sidebar once you click your avatar in the lower left corner. Four tabs are available in the "Billing" section.

The first one (Current Plan) shows you the plan you are currently using. There are two types of plans:

  • Free
  • Premium

The Free plan lets you have an unlimited number of:

  • Boards,
  • Team Members and
  • Items.

The Premium plan offers full access to all VivifyScrum features. Premium features are:

  • Projects
  • Invoicing
  • Clients
  • Team Management
  • Unlimited number of integrations
  • Multiple active Sprints
  • Exports
  • Worklogs
  • API access
  • Planning Poker
  • Files Management page
  • Advanced statistics
  • Hotkeys
  • Default Item type and default assignee on a Board
  • Moving Items to another Board
  • Due date and events
  • Labels statistics and Labels page
  • Product Backlog table view

The price for a Premium account is formed based on the number of users that are added to the Premium Boards (a number of users you are collaborating with). Price for the Premium Plan is $8 per User for the whole month. Billing cycle repeats on a monthly basis. Get a detailed overview of the Free and Premium plans on our Pricing page

Billing payment plans

On the My Users tab, you can see all team members you collaborate with who are members of active Boards within the Organizations you own. There is a possibility to remove them from a Board.

With an insight into your Invoices, you can track your payments in the second section. Also, you can define different text for the "Bill to" section where you can enter your business name.