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Access the Notifications page by clicking on your name and profile pic in the lower left corner of the screen and by choosing the third icon from the sidebar. All notifications that are turned on for your account can be found on the first tab of the Notification page (the tab is called "All"). The second tab is "Notification Settings"

notifications page

You can receive a notification when something of interest to you happens in VivifyScrum. There are three ways you can be notified:

  • In the application (in-app notifications), 
  • In your inbox (Email notifications) and
  • As a Desktop notification.

You can have different preferences for each notification type (in-app, email and desktop). You can entirely turn off notifications. To disable a notification go to the second tab of the Notification Settings and uncheck the box next to the notification you don’t want to receive. You can also unsubscribe from notifications related to an item or from a type of notifications (e.g. unsubscribe from getting notifications when someone starts a Sprint). 

No matter the page you're at in the app, you will see the notification icon in the upper right corner of the screen. By opening the notification panel, you will get a preview of the latest activities in VivifyScrum. There several options available from this panel - "Mark all as read", "Show all" and opening the Notification Settings page. A click on the notification card will open the item that notification is about. You can also click on the Organization or Board title to open them. 

notification panel


You need to meet one of the following requirements in order to receive notifications:

  • For notifications about items (e.g. assigning, commenting, moving, labelling, creating checklists, adding files etc.):
    • To be the Author of an Item
    • To be mentioned by a Team Member in a comment or in a description on an Item
    • To be the Assignee or the Reviewer on an Item
    • To be a Follower of an item (by clicking the + button "Manage Followers", visible in the bottom right corner when you open the item card)
  • For notifications about Boards (e.g. creating Sprints and columns, deleting or editing them)
    • To be a Team Member of a Board

Filter options can be used on the Notifications page to find a specific notification more easily.