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Profile Settings

Account tab

When you click on your profile photo, you can access the Profile Settings page. It is the last icon in the sidebar. There, in the first tab named Account, you can change your personal information, profile picture, email address for signing in and your password.

To personalize your account and ditch the grey silhouette, upload your avatar and choose a theme you like (Light, Dark, Graphite, Blue Velvet, Mist, Forrest Gump and Shrek).

If you still didn't download the VivifyScrum Time Tracker, you can do it from this page.

The Delete Account option is also available in this first Account tab. Deleting an account is not temporary and this action can't be undone. All Boards that belong to the account that is being deleted will also be deleted. 

profile page


The next three tabs on the Profile page - Current plan, My Users, Invoices - are related to Billing