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Burndown chart

You can access your Burndown chart when you have an Active Sprint from the sidebar, for every Scrum Board of which you’re a member. The Burndown page shows more than just a Burndown chart.


There are four charts. The first chart shows the progress of all Items in an Active Sprint by showing how many of them are in which column. The second chart shows the column-by-column progress of Efforts Units for the Active Sprint. The third one does the same for bugs and the fourth one does it for Total Value.


Sprint Charts


Burndown chart

Burndown chart shows how much work remains to finish a Sprint, how quickly your team has completed Items and it predicts when all of the work will be completed and when your team will achieve the Sprint Goal. The X axis displays iteration timeline and the Y axis displays the work that needs to be completed (in Item Effort Units). You can choose whether to display remaining work per days or per hours. Burndown chart has two lines. One shows Ideal work remaining and it’s some kind of a guideline for your team. The other one shows the actual work remaining.


Worklog chart

Further down you can see the total Logged time per Team Member in a Sprint.

Type Statistics

Type Statistic chart shows the percentage of different Item types in relation to the total number of Items. From the drop-down menu you can choose to see Item type stats by chosen Effort Units (points, hours,...). Then you can see the share of different Item types in the total number of chosen Units. Also you can choose to see those stats by users’ logged time.


The Countdown shows the total number of days, the number of the days passed and the number of days remaining till the end of the Active Sprint.

sprint charts