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Export User Reports

Generate user reports and download them as CSV or PDF files. In the Organization sidebar, click on Reports, and then choose from the three types of reports available:

Members Data report

VivifyScrum members data report to CSV and PDF

Engagements report

VivifyScrum engagements export to CSV and PDF

Worklogs report

VivifyScrum export Worklogs user reports to CSV and PDF

Members Data report allows you to create a report for selected team members. The report includes users’ first and last name, email, contact phone, and total working hours per week. You can select additional fields for the report, which include users’ second email, address, telephone number, Skype, LinkedIn, Twitter, Birthday, marital status and family.

The Engagements report includes member’s availability, projects they are working on, assigned roles, total engagement hours and total logged hours. To create a report, select the desired team members and their projects, and choose a time range.

To generate a Worklogs report, you can filter users and Boards they are assigned to, in a selected time range. The generated report will include the following columns: Assignee, Board, Item code, Item type, Item name, Parent code, Parent name, Log date, Time logged, and Description.