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Scrum metrics, named "Stats" in VivifyScrum, are accessible from the sidebar. On the Stats page you can see the reports for your whole project (your Board). There are two charts:

  • Total Stats
  • Stats per User

scrum metrics

The Total Stats chart shows:

  • Total Points (or some other Effort Unit you’ve chosen) - shows the number of points for every Sprint on the Board
  • Completed Items - shows the number of completed Items in every Sprint on the Board
  • Completed Value - shows the amount of completed Value in every Sprint on the Board

Also, the Active Sprint is shown on these charts even though it’s not finished.

Stats per User

Stats per User can be viewed in total or by Sprint. You can see how many Items each Team member has completed, how many Effort Units (points, hours,...) and Value those items have and you can see how many hours each Team member has logged. You can also choose a custom Data Range or a Sprint if you want to see the stats for a certain period.

There are a few predefined date ranges you can choose from: Last 24h, Last 7 days, Last month, Last 3 months and last year.

By clicking on a Team Member directly in the chart, you get a detailed list of items that the Team Member worked on. At the bottom of the window, you can see the total number of completed items, points, value and hours.

stats per user