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Time Tracker

VivifyScrum Time Tracker is available as:

VivifyScrum time tracking
A simple time tracker that automatically logs your hours on a selected task. The steps are easy:

  • Log in with your VivifyScrum credentials,
  • Search for the item you want to work on (by entering item code or item URL),
  • Add a description about the work you’ll perform (this step is optional) and
  • Start tracking!

When you finish your work on an item, move it to the next column on the Backlog and stop the timer. The worklog, the amount of time you’ve been working with the added description, will be automatically added to the item.

time tracker worklog

The Time Tracker offers few more options. The first one is the possibility to pause time tracking, e.g. when you take a break. You can also cancel the tracking and the worklog will not be created. The third option is to add a past worklog for the selected item.

Even when a worklog is created by the Time Tracker, it is possible to update (edit) it by opening the worklog tab on an item. The minimum time you can log is one minute.

You can also start tracking time on a task from the item card itself. All you need to do is click on the little stopwatch icon at the bottom of the item card and start the tracker. When you stop it, the Worklog will be created the same as if you used the “traditional” VivifyScrum Time Tracker.

Time Tracker on Item Card

To enable this, you will need to update the visibility of item card controls in Board settings:

Visibility of item card controls

Here is a short video about time tracking without additional apps and extensions.


Worklogs page