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Worklogs page

The Worklogs page in VivifyScrum shows all logged hours by Team Members within one Organization or one Board. Having an insight into all worklogs makes the analysis of how your team manages time easier.

Organization Worklogs page

The Organization Owner has an insight into all worklogs across all Boards within the Organization. Organization Admins can see the worklogs from the Boards they belong to. The Worklogs page is a list where you can see who worked on which item and for how long. You can also see a description about the performed work and the Board that item belongs to. By clicking on the item code in the list, you’ll be able to see more info about the item (the item will open in a new tab).

Board Worklogs page

Team Members have access to the Board Worklogs page. Similar to the Organization Worklog page, this page contains a list of all worklog entries but on a single Board. From this page, you can see who created the worklog (assignee), for which item, how many hours have been logged and the description of the work performed.

worklogs page

Getting the preview of all worklogs is not all that these pages offer. By selecting all or few desired worklogs, you also have an option to create an invoice or a report.

Generating invoices based on worklogs

The Organization Owner and Admins can create invoices for clients. Select the worklog you’d like to generate the invoice for. Invoice list of provided services and quantity will be auto-filled with the selected worklogs.

You can choose the format of worklogs that are being exported to the invoice:

  • Combine all worklogs into one entry (all selected worklogs combined),
  • Separate all worklogs (each worklog is one entry on the invoice) or
  • Group worklogs by an assignee (each assignee will have a separate entry on the invoice).

Fill out other desired fields of the invoice such as client, due date, currency, price, discount, tax and send the invoice to your clients.

Generating Reports

All users who have access to the Worklogs page can create a Report. The report is generated from the selected worklogs. It is a downloadable PDF document which consists of a table with the following columns:

  • Assignee (the user who logged time),
  • Board,
  • Types
  • Item code (the item on which the user worked on),
  • Time logged and
  • Description (of the work performed).

Worklogs can also be downloaded as CSV files. 


Filters are available for both Worklogs pages - within an Organization and on a Board. If the list is too long, you can use filters to see only the relevant worklogs on the page. You can filter the worklogs list by:

  • Boards (on the Organization Worklogs page),
  • Assignees,
  • Log interval (the amount of logged hours per one worklog) or
  • A chosen date range.

All filters can be saved for repeated use.



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