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Product updates

3 New VivifyScrum Tweaks

15 Aug 2018

This August brings three hot tweaks to your VivifyScrum app. With the latest update, moving items to another board has been improved, My Assignments page got a new look and all users now have updated Profile pages.

Let’s go through these updates one by one.

Moving items to another Board

This is not a brand new feature and you know it. It has been in VivifyScrum for a while, but over the time, it has been improved more than once.

In the beginning, users were able to move only one by one item to another Board. With the release of VivifyScrum 2.0, we added bulk actions, so now users can move multiple selected items at once.

moving items to another board

However, not all item details were moved to the destination Board and that was just not cool. We had to do something about it and this is what we did.

When you select an item to move it, the item on the destination Board will have all the same details as it had on the original Board:

  • Performers - Assignees and Reviewers
  • Labels - a new label will be created on the destination Board
  • Item followers
  • Comments
  • Activities
  • Priority
  • Worklogs
  • Due dates and events

If a user who is connected to the item that is being moved (assignee, follower, etc.) is not a team member on the destination Board, his/her activities will not be shown (comments, worklogs, etc.).

Moving items with relations

Parent items can be moved together with their subitems and vice versa. Related items can be selected from the list that will be shown after you choose a new destination for items. You can choose to “break” the relation between items and move just a single item (parent or subitem).

My Assignments page

My Assignments page is still the first one you see when you click on the profile picture in the lower left corner of the screen. What is new is the look of the page and the possibility to choose between two views - Cards and Table view.

The Cards view is the look you are used to - a column represents a Board in which you can see items assigned to you.

The new, more compact table view gives you a better overview of items across all Boards you belong to. The additional feature is a possibility to create new items you need to work on directly from this page.

The table offers the following columns:

  • Item type
  • Title
  • Board
  • Location within a Board - Sprint and Column
  • A time when an item was created
  • Actions
    • Files upload
    • Additional options (Delete, Clone, Move to Top, Add to/Remove from predefined items, Move to another Board)
    • Share options

Item details can be edited directly in the table.

My assignments page

Profile page

All account settings on one page. Pages that were related to any aspect of your account are now merged into one page with multiple tabs:

  • Account info
  • Notification
  • Current plan
  • My users
  • Invoices

Options on the individual tabs are not changed.

Bonus tweak: The possibility to completely leave out Item Value from your item estimations is available. If you’ve already set that you want to see only Effort Units (points, hours) on your item cards, with this update, you won’t see Value even when you open an item (which was the case earlier).


See updates in action


How do you like these new updates? If there is something else that you would love to see in VivifyScrum, drop us a line.

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