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Product updates

Announcement: Pricing update

29 May 2019

Starting May 29, 2019, we rolled out new pricing for VivifyScrum. We still have the Premium plan and we still charge per user but there are some changes that will (hopefully) bring a smile to your face.

More affordable (especially for smaller teams)

The price for our Premium plan was $8 per user per month and we charged at the end of each month for the use of VivifyScrum. With the new model, we charge upfront for the size of the team you’ve chosen at the moment of purchase.

Price per user differs for different team sizes. For example:

  • Small teams, up to 10 users, pay $10 per month (from $8 to $80 per month with the old pricing model)
  • For teams between 10 and 40 users, you pay $6 per user (from $80 to $320 per month with the old pricing model)
  • Mid-size teams, between 40 and 50 users, pay $250 per month (from $320 to $400 per month with the old pricing model)
  • For more details check FAQ - Premium Pricing

Before you buy our Premium plan, you will know the exact price you will pay. Our price calculator will help you with this.

Add “spectators” for free

Great news for everyone who works with clients or external stakeholders! You can now add users to your Boards without having to pay for them.

If you assign the “Read” permission to your team members (clients, external collaborators, stakeholders), they will not be able to perform any work on your Boards. The more important thing about this is that you will not have to pay for them.

This means that VivifyScrum allows you to share your workflow, your progress and other PM-related stuff just by adding an email address of the relevant person. The only “catch” is that the person with whom you wish to share your Board will need to create a VivifyScrum account first. But that’s also free.

Pay once a year

Another important update is that annual payments are finally available. If paying for a project management software each month is not something that suits your business, at the moment of purchase, you can choose to pay annually. VivifyScrum offers discounts for annual subscriptions.


  • Our new pricing will not affect current paying users if they don’t want to be affected. The current paying users can continue paying $8 per user per month or they can simply update their payment plan (and save some money).
  • The upgrade functionality is currently not available in mobile versions of VivifyScrum.