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APMG Agile Project Management - Stuff You Should Know

27 Mar 2019

Many people, nowadays, are looking to become Agile project managers. However, in order to do so, you must get properly certified, at least in most cases. Certification is simply the proof that you're skilled and experienced enough to manage the Agile projects and help your team(s). One of the best ways to get the proper certification is through APMG (Agile Project Management Group) International.

The APM group provides various certifications and training courses for both individuals and companies alike. Their own accreditation is proved by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), which is in turn accredited by the International Accreditation Forum (IAF). In turn, the APM Group is considered a global accreditation body and examination institute for Agile project management certifications.

This article will go into more detail about APMG agile project management and other stuff that you can get from this organization.

Various certifications

The APMG provides candidates with various different certification programs. You can attend different courses for different aspects of the Agile methodology and not just for project management. As an example, here are a few certifications you can acquire with the APM Group.

Apmg agile project management certifications

Source: APMG International

  • Agile Digital Services (AgileDS) - This certification is for practicing project managers and Agile team members who wish to learn or improve their skills in the Agile digital service environment. You can learn about various Agile principles and how to implement those principles in the digital service environment. This certification consists of AgileDS Foundation and AgileDS Practitioner certificate.
  • Agile Business Analyst (AgileBA) - Anyone who wishes to become a business analyst in the Agile environment should consider this certification. A few of the things you'll be able to learn is how to help both the teams and the organization transition from traditional to Agile methods, how to play an integral part in successful project delivery, how to use a wide range of agile business analytics and how to use techniques for effective business analytics in the Agile collaborative environment. This certification consists of AgileBA Foundation and AgileBA Practitioner.
  • Agile Project Management (AgilePM) - Finally, you can get properly certified as an Agile project manager. You'll be able to learn how to understand and adopt the practical methodology of Agile practices and how to implement them in your project management activities. You'll also be able to comprehend what the Agile methodology is all about and how to utilize your newly found knowledge. As before, this certification consists of AgilePM Foundation and AgilePM Practitioner certificates.

Training courses

Aside from providing you with certification, the APMG also provides you with proper training courses so that you can adequately prepare yourself for the exams. These training courses are also quite flexible. For instance, you can choose between various training courses accredited by the APMG or you can choose a self-study as an option.

However, not all certification options allow self-study as a viable training method. In other words, depending on the certification you've chosen, you might have to take a training course, in order to qualify for the exam. As far as the exam goes, there's also a certain level of flexibility included here, as well. As an example, you can choose to take the exam online and from the comfort of your own home or you can choose to take an exam at a classroom or a public center.

Taking an exam from home is based on the online proctoring system and you can take an exam 24/7 while taking a paper exam has to be scheduled either through one of the APMG's public centers or through one of the ATO's (Accredited Training Organization) that provide exams as part of their training programs.

Additional resources

If you worry about learning material you should know that APMG provides you with the proper books and learning material required to pass the exam. You can browse through their collection of study material, as well as opt for their recommended books on a specific subject. This is particularly useful if you choose a self-study option when you don't have the time to take an entire training course. Even if you do, in fact, attend a training course, these books can be beneficial as additional learning material for your exam preparations.

Why choose APMG in the first place?

apmg logo

Source: APMG International

First of all, the APMG is a reliable and accredited body for examination and certification of Agile project management courses. They provide you with vast knowledge about Agile practices and methodology. Some of the things you'll be able to learn are:

  • The foundation of principles and philosophy of Agile methodology.
  • Agile project's lifecycle, as well as the alternative configurations.
  • The process and the purpose of developed products within the Agile project.
  • The benefits and limitations of Agile techniques.
  • The responsibilities and roles within an Agile project.

More specifically for Agile project management, you'll be able to learn:

  • How to deliver faster, cost-effective and low-risk changes by implementing a proven approach to agile project management.
  • You'll be able to understand how agile in project management differs from traditional approaches.
  • Utilize different management styles needed for successful Agile projects.
  • Equip yourself with the core principles, concepts and processes that are required to ensure a successful Agile project.
  • You'll be able to learn how to apply the DSDM (Dynamic System Development Method) approach to projects and everyday activities, as well as adopt an evolutionary development approach, in order to ensure more effective solutions.
  • You'll be able to boost communication and stakeholder engagement skills that are crucial for the success of the project.
  • Help an organization deliver results effectively, with lower risks and costs by repeatedly validating project milestones against business objectives.

In other words, you'll be able to learn everything that you need, in order to become a successful Agile project manager. What's more, the only requirement is to pass the exams in the correct order starting from the Foundation level then passing the Practitioner level exam to get certified as the Agile project manager. This might seem easier than it actually is but it is well worth it in the end.

If you're looking to get certified as an Agile project manager, in order to find a better employment or familiarize yourself with the Agile concept, you don't have to look further than the APMG because they can provide you with the right knowledge and the right skills that will enrich your project management career.