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Product updates

Awesome new VS features introduced

06 Nov 2014

VivifyScrum has been improved with several new amazing features mostly based on the feedback of its users and a lot of valuable UX testing. VivifyScrum now enables you to:

  • Set up a simple Kanban board, for smaller projects that don’t really need sprints or iterations
  • Manage estimation units (change them to hours, points or use your own custom units)
  • Upload several files
  • Use ‘Leave the board’ option on the Configure Team page
  • Link items by using hashtags – when you start typing in the Description or Comments field preceded by the # sign you get the autocomplete suggestions of already existing items
  • Mention users by using @ sign and improve the interactivity and level of collaboration in your project
  • Enjoy shorter loading time for the product backlog
  • Follow the VivifyScrum blog where you can keep up to date with the latest VS improvements

We're dedicated to making VivifyScrum one of the best scrum software development tools on the market and our new features are just one step in that direction. 

We hope you will join us for the rest of the journey if you haven't already!