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Product updates

Fresh from the VivifyScrum oven

15 Jun 2015

We’re not trying to spoil you yet again we’ve improved VivifyScrum with these new features:

  • GitLab integration - you can now link your commits to Board Items also from GitLab
  • Google Drive and Dropbox - attach files to Items from Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Hotkeys - create hotkeys for your Board, assign Item details to hotkeys and save time by typing %{your hotkey code} in Item title (Item details are automatically defined)
  • Notes - this Item type is used to write down any valuable or relevant information
  • Sprint Goal - you can now describe what should be achieved at the end of a Sprint
  • Desktop notifications - get notified about the important stuff that goes on even when VS is idle or running in the background. Desktop notifications are based on your preferences
  • Keyboard shortcuts - access all the keyboard shortcuts by pressing “?
  • Create Item from email - quickly and easily create Items from your email account. Send email to [email protected], subject: YourItemTitle #BoardCode

Try them out and find out why VivifyScrum is one of the finest scrum software development tools available today!

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