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Product updates

Game on!

22 Sep 2015

Don’t play all day long with our new features, there’s work to be done ;-)

  • Events - set date and time to receive a notification about your Items (any important Event), write the message you want to send to your Team Members and choose those Team Members who need to receive the message
  • Improved Stats per user - filter stats per user (completed items, points, value and logged hours) by the selected period (choose date range) and use the new feature to export stats per user
  • More available shortcuts:
    • space - assigns you to the opened or to the selected Item
    • w - filters Items in the Backlog on which you are a reviewer
  • Whack Team Members - whenever you feel tired, nervous or you just want to relax, we’ve made a stress relief game for you (start it by pressing crtl+Shift+G)
  • Default Item type - set it on the Configure Board page. That means two clicks less when creating an Item. You’re welcome :)
  • Improved Files page - live search, download GDrive files and save to dropbox
  • Idea - have an Idea? Write it down. This Item type is used for writing down any thoughts that could improve the product. An Idea needs additional work and it's not something that is ready to be implemented
  • References -  from now on you can see when someone is talking about the Item you’re viewing. All mentions of one Item can now easily be found in the ‘Reference’ section in Item modal and Full view
  • Edit work log - you’ve done some additional work? Don’t delete your work log, just edit it
  • Features and News - Search function added to the website

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