GitHub, BitBucket, Slack and other cool stuff

15 May 2015

We’re delighted to bring you some cool new features to facilitate and enhance your experience of using VivifyScrum.

Check them out!

  • GitHub and BitBucket integration - now you can link commits to Board Items
  • Slack integration - keep your team’s communication in one place
  • Commenting via email - VivifyScrum now enables you to comment on Items via email
  • Item labels - labels can be applied to Items to signify a category or any other useful information
  • Logged work hours by user are now shown on the Stats page
  • Archive Boards - you can now archive any Board. Access them later from the Dashboard and choose whether to reopen it or delete it
  • Task as Item type - now you can use a Task for any kind of technical work that is not covered by other three types of Items (Story, Improvement, Bug)
  • Sign up or sign in via Google+
  • Shortcut "q" - this shortcut filters Items in the Product or in the Sprint Backlog and shows only the Items assigned to you. Press the “q” again and the filter deactivates