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Product updates

Improved experience of using VivifyScrum

19 Nov 2014

The Vivify team introduced some new features to further improve your experience of using VivifyScrum.

They are the following:

  • Work Log – you can log the amount of time you spent doing a task as well as the description of what you actually did
  • Export Sprint option – you can export items in JSON and CSV files
  • Possibility to annotate uploaded images – annotations can be used as comments on the content of the image e.g. you can describe a bug by adding an annotation to the screenshot of that bug
  • Specifying a default assignee, so you don’t have to perform the repetitive activity of choosing an assignee separately for every item
  • Dashboard that gives you a clear overview of all your boards in one place
  • Reports for finished sprints that contain a visual representation of the total number of items, bugs, points, value as well as the number of those that are completed and unfinished
  • Sprint activity log gives you detailed information of the activity of every member of your team
  • Possibility to start every sprint and not only the last one in a row as used to be the case
  • Various UX improvements


Like always, it's about making VivifyScrum the finest among the scrum software development tools.