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Product updates

New integrations, API access, custom fields, improved burndowns and more

17 Sep 2019

We have had quite a busy summer and we’ve added more than a few super-useful new features and functionalities to VivifyScrum. 

New and improved integrations

For our software developer users, we’ve updated and upgraded a number of integrations. 

For one, we’ve added the Webhooks integration, allowing our users to channel notifications from VivifyScrum to third-party apps and services via Webhooks. You can find out more about those here -

We have also greatly upgraded our Git integrations (GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket). Namely, for all the linked repositories, users will now get notifications about any newly created branches and pull requests straight in the Items linked to those repositories. 

Btw, you can expect another major update to the Git integrations very, very soon. 

Redone and more powerful API access

We have also done a major rehaul to the way VivifyScrum users can access our API and use it as they wish. We’ve cleaned everything up and it is now possible to do almost anything using VivifyScrum API. 

You can read all about the new options here -

Custom item fields

We understand that all teams have their way of doing things, their little idiosyncrasies that can never be covered by any tool. This is why we added the Custom Item Fields feature for VivifyScrum items. 

You can set these custom field to add any details you wish to your Items - to define a contact person for different Items, define the priority of items, provide other ways to evaluate different items. 

Like we said, anything.

More detailed Sprint burndowns

We have also decided to add more details to Sprint burndowns, letting the teams know how the Items are moving along the Boards (showing column-by-column stats), not just if they’re done or not. 

Expect to hear more from us in no time.