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Product updates

Introducing the New Payment System

31 Jan 2018

Major overhaul in VivifyScrum

New Payment System

The time for change has come. We’re unlocking our Free plan for an unlimited number of Boards you can own and team members you can add. With the Free plan, you can create an unlimited number of Items on your Boards unlike the limited number of Items (100) you could create in our previous system. We’re introducing Premium accounts. There are no more three different payment plans. A Premium account has full access to all VivifyScrum features.

Premium features are only available for Premium accounts:

  • Exports
  • Worklogs
  • API access
  • Planning Poker
  • Files Management page
  • Advanced statistics
  • Hotkeys
  • Default Item type and default assignee on a Board
  • Moving Items to another Board
  • Due date and events
  • Labels statistics and Labels page
  • Product Backlog table view

Users who have old VivifyScrum payment plans (Small, Medium, Unlimited) won’t be affected by this change. Switching between old plans is not possible. If a user with a paid plan from the previous payment system wishes to upgrade or downgrade, it will only be possible to switch to the new payment system.

The price for a Premium account is formed based on the number of users that are added to the Premium Boards (a number of users you are collaborating with). Price for the Premium Plan is $8 per User for the whole month. If a user was added to your Premium Board for 10 days out of 30 days in a month, you'd pay one third of the price. Find more about our new payment system on the Pricing page.

Limit the number of Items in a Column

Does your team start working on a number of tasks but end up with zero finished ones? Is it hard to see the bottlenecks in the team’s workflow? There is a way to help your team (and you) focus on a smaller set of tasks and become more productive. We’re introducing the possibility to limit the number of Items in a column. You can do this for all columns that are not marked as “Done”. Setting a Work in Progress limit (WIP limit) is a core property of Kanban, but it can also be used in Scrum. With a set limit, it will be easier to identify bottlenecks in your team’s working process before they become blockers. Find this feature in the drop-down menu of a column.

Work in Progress limit

Two new themes

Spring is comming, so this time we’re going green. Two new themes are available - Forrest Gump and Shrek - dark and light green. There are seven themes in total available in the application:

  • Light - white
  • Dark - black
  • Graphite - grey
  • Blue Velvet - dark blue
  • Mist - light blue
  • Forrest Gump - dark green
  • Shrek - light green

You can certainly find the one that suits you and your working hours best (we heard that Dark, Graphite, Blue Velvet and Forrest Gump themes are perfect for working at night). If you still think that something is missing or that you need a splash of pink, please let us know.

Color theme in VivifyScrum

New API key generation

And once again you can generate your API key to manage your Board Items using external, third-party applications. Find your unique Board API key on the “Configure Board” page, “Integrations” tab.

Facebook and Twitter login

Except for the Google+ login, which has been available for a long time, we’ve added a possibility for you to login using your Facebook or Twitter account. There is no need to create and remember another password - you’re welcome :)

Reports for finished Sprints

Reports are back. Get the Burndown chart, Worklog and other statistics for your finished Sprints. We’ve added a Sprint Interval (start and end date) in the column header of a finished Sprint. This will allow you to quickly find the Sprint you’re looking for.

Finished Sprint Reports

Events in Item modal

Defining Due date and creating Events was available only from the Item card. We’ve added the Events tab in the Item modal where you can find two buttons - one for setting a Due Date and another one for adding an Event. All Events are still visible on the Item card.

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