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Product updates

Latest additions

31 Jan 2019

To start off this year in style, VivifyScrum is getting not one but two additional features. One feature will help you get better at staying synced with your team and the other one will allow creating custom permissions.

Lifehack: How to use a mirror to stay synced with your team?

Have you tried? It’s not working? We get it - it’s impossible. But taking into account that we’d hate lying to you, we developed a brand new feature called Mirrored items.

This, as we named it, lifehack is useful for users who work with different teams with separate boards, but they all collaborate on one (or more) common task. In essence, changes on any mirrored item will be reflected on all mirrored items across different boards.

We’ll explain this in more detail. One item can be mirrored to any board (in any organization) on which you have the appropriate permissions. This means that the item will be visible on those selected boards. And not only the item title but also:

  • item type
  • description
  • all comments
  • all attached files

Any changes made to those aspects of the Item on one board will automatically be applied to all of the Mirrored items.

To learn more about this new feature go to our How it works - Mirrored items section.

Mirrored items

Custom permissions for your team members

You can now create custom permission sets for members of your Organization. We are giving you a chance to decide precisely which actions a team member can perform within your Organization. From now on you choose which pages and features a member will have access to.

You can set permissions for the following pages:

  • Team members
  • Projects
  • Invoicing
  • Clients
  • Worklogs

Permission sets is a feature included in our Premium plan. To read more about it, head over to our How It Works page Permission Sets.