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Product updates

Massive VivifyScrum update goes live

24 Apr 2018

VivifyScrum update goes live

The massive VivifyScrum update is LIVE!

Today, we’re introducing the previously announced update - “More than a collaboration tool”! VivifyScrum is now entering the arena of true Scrum management tools with cool features that can cover more than just developers’ work. We’re bringing features suitable for Project and Product Managers, HR department, Accountants and others while still keeping it fully “developer friendly”.

New features help you stay in the know with the important aspects of your company’s business and your team’s performance.

The new concept includes:

  • Organizations - Group everything that belongs to your company, from Team Members, collaboration Boards, Projects to Invoices. Get a clear picture of your Organization at a glance.
  • Projects - Which team is working on your latest project? When is the deadline? How many hours is your Team engaged on that Project? The answers to all of these can be found on the Projects page.

This update brings the most eagerly awaited additions to VivifyScrum:

  • Clients - The people and companies you work with are now two clicks away from you
  • Invoicing - Create invoices for the services you provide and send them to you Clients directly from VivifyScrum
  • Team Management - Do you instantly know if Jasmine is available to start working 15 hours per week on a new project? Or when Ryan plans to go on a vacation? You can track all this info and even more about your Employees on the Team Management page.

VivifyScrum is taking a new, exciting direction with this update, becoming a more comprehensive project management tool, without losing touch with its roots. Find out more about this update in our announcement post.

Fire up your favorite Scrum software and see the new updates in action!

 VivifyScrum app