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Product updates

Monthly VivifyScrum bites

15 Dec 2015

The monthly list of tweaks and new features is here. As always, our newly added features are inspired by your suggestions. So keep on sending them. You ask. We deliver.

In November we introduced “Random User Tip” at the end of our monthly news. It’s a short tip that reveals an answer to one of the most frequently asked questions during the previous month.

  • OneDrive integration - attach your files to Items directly from OneDrive
  • Reordering checklist items - the checklist item order is wrong and you don’t want to type everything all over again? Simply drag and drop the checklist item to its right place
  • Images from the clipboard - copy and paste an image from the clipboard directly into the Item description and comments (supported in Chrome only)
  • New shortcut - ctrl + Enter -  a quicker way to submit title, description and to post comments
  • Disabling Item details - you can choose the Item details you want to use in your project on the Configure Board page. All details are enabled by default. Item Assignee and Item Type can’t be disabled
  • Gitlab integration - improvements - when you create an issue in Gitlab, a Bug Item will be automatically created using the issue name and description. By closing or reopening the issue, the linked Item will be marked as done or reopened
  • Creating Items via email - improvements - attached files in the email get attached to the Item that’s being created. Inline images appear in the Item description


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