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Product updates

New bits and pieces of VivifyScrum

26 Feb 2016

It’s been another great month here at VivifyScrum and we’re sharing new features, improvements and redesigns with you.

Besides improving what’s already there, many updates are also underway and you can rest assured you'll love them.

  • Due date - with due dates you can never miss a deadline. Read more about how it works here
  • New filter options - filter Items based on whether they were updated or commented on in the last 24 hours or in the last 7 days
  • API endpoint for Sprint export - parse the Sprint data from JSON exports
  • Import Team Members and Board Configuration - you can save your time when creating a new Board by importing Team Members and Configurations from the existing Boards you have access to



  • Navigate through Label drop-down menu with the keyboard - use the arrow keys for navigating and the enter key for selecting a Label
  • Notify all Subscribers (Events) - one checkbox for all Item Subscribers when selecting who will receive a notification about an Event



  • My Notifications - new design of the notification settings page
  • New Board wizard - easier and more intuitive way of creating a new Board with new possibilities


Tip(s) of the month

By using Labels you add visual data to your Items, get information at a glance and enable easier filtering.

Click on a Label on an Item card to filter all Items containing that Label within the current view. Click again on that Label to turn off the filter.

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