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Product updates

New from VivifyScrum - Become a real Scrum Ninja

13 Dec 2017

Mater your projects like a ninja

Scrum fans around the world rejoice! The greatest online Scrum knowledge source is now free!

It is the season of giving and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the most powerful tool - knowledge. All of you, who want to learn more about Scrum, this is your chance!

Is this course really free?

Yes! There are no hidden expenses, and all lessons are free. All you have to do is visit our online Scrum course and sign up. Once you sign up, your learning journey begins.

Do I have to attend some classes at a specific time?

Not at all! Learning methods changed a long time ago. Sitting for hours patiently and listening while someone else is teaching are long gone. No one has the time for that anymore. Learning should be active and effective.

By using this course, you are in charge when and how much you'll learn. You can do it during your daily commute to and from work. You can do it before your bedtime. You can do it in the middle of the night. It is all up to you when you want to learn about Scrum. This way, you can make the best out of the whole learning process.

Should I take notes?

If you believe that it will help you, then you should take notes. If you believe that notes will only waste your time, you shouldn't take notes. Once again, it is all up to you and how you want to learn. Key takeaways are available in every lesson, so you can refer to them when you want.

There are no strict rules what you should or shouldn't do, as long as you try your best to learn everything.

How can I be sure that I learned something?

There are 15 chapters that are divided into sections. Each section is there to make this learning process an active one. The first section gives you a brief introduction before you move on to the pre-quiz where you will test your current knowledge. Once you complete it, the lesson begins. It is filled with real-life examples.

When you complete your lesson, there is a quiz at the end which will test how much you've learned. This way you will be able to follow how much you’ve learned and whether you need to check some parts of the lesson once again.

Will I get a certificate once I complete all lessons?

Once all lessons are completed, and you pass your final quiz, you will receive a Certificate of completion. This certificate is proof your hard work, and you can print it out or share it with your friends.

There is no need to wait any longer, sign up now and begin your Scrum journey! Of course, you can also try one of the best scrum tools on the market and get even better!