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Product updates

New Release: More than a collaboration tool

12 Apr 2018

New release: more than a collaboration tool

A new release is on its way. VivifyScrum is becoming more than a simple collaboration tool. A new concept will be introduced on April 24th. This upgrade will give companies an opportunity to handle more aspects of their work from a single application. Our goal is to give users more control over the work they perform in their teams and over accompanying processes that are an inseparable part of the company’s functioning.

With this release we want for VivifyScrum users to feel more on top of their work by giving them a chance to handle more than just collaboration.

The new additions include elements of employee and stakeholder relationship management, invoicing and more options for project management. As an essential tool in many of users’ work days, being able to manage projects, employees, clients and invoices in one application is something that will help users’ efficiency.


Organizations are here to help you, as the word itself suggests, organize. You will be able to group Boards within one Organization. Within an Organization, you can add Projects, Clients, create Invoices for those clients, manage the whole team along with team members’ engagements on the projects, their vacations and more.

Organizations page


To illustrate, let’s say that the Organization is named Codeit. Codeit works with two different clients, Appston and Betabook, on their projects. Codeit’s owner (the Organization Owner) has created two Boards for the Appston’s project - a Board for app development and a Board for marketing. One Board has been created for Betabook’s project - Web app development.

Organization sheme

All three of those Boards are now within Codeit’s Organization. The Development Team (employees of Codeit) have been added to the Organization and to the relevant Boards of the project they work on. Team members have their Roles on the Projects assigned (developers, designers, marketing manager). Codeit can create and send invoices to the clients based on the services team members provided.

Next, we will further explain new additions to VivifyScrum

New sidebar

A wider sidebar is back in VivifyScrum. The sidebar now contains more information - Organizations and Boards within them - but it is also collapsible which provides the same experience as before. It is quite easy to differentiate Organizations from Boards in the sidebar, even when collapsed. The Organizations have a round logo and the Boards have a square one.

All Boards you own will be shown within your Organization named [Your full name] Private Organization.

Your Boards can be transferred to another Organization in order to create a group of related Boards under one Organization. A Board can be moved only to the Organizations you see in the sidebar. To move a Board, go to the Configure page.

Sidebar transfer a board


There is no need to use additional apps or endless Excel sheets to create invoices for your services. Creating invoices in VivifyScrum is simple - choose a client you want to create the invoice for, define a description of your service (product), add price, quantity, TAX or discounts and any other info.

Invoices can be sent to the clients directly. Those that are not sent are saved as drafts. VivifyScrum also offers an opportunity to save an invoice as a template. Templates will come in handy when creating invoices for one client on a monthly basis. On the Invoicing page, you will have information on all issued and draft invoices. You can use the date filter to find a specific invoice more easily.


The Invoicing part of VivifyScrum will be improved in the upcoming months. The goal is to automate the process of creating invoices and to include the hours a team has worked on items during a month (work log).


This release brings more useful additions to VivifyScrum. Adding clients - the people and companies you work with, and creating your own client base are among them. You can add different information:

  • Contact Name
  • Email
  • Telephone
  • Location
  • Additional info - notes

Clients can be further “utilized” when creating Invoices. Client’s profile card will contain all invoices issued to that client.

Clients page


One Organization can have multiple projects on which its members will work. To use our hypothetical organization once more - Organization Codeit has two projects: Appston project and Betabook app. Relevant Boards can be linked to each project. There is a possibility to define groups a project belongs to (similar to labels). A start and an end date can also be set.

Projects page

Organization members can track their engagement on a project (how many hours per week a member is engaged on a project).

Project edit option

Team Management

Adding all employees to the Organization makes it easier to track their work. You can track the engagement of each team member on a particular project or any important event related to that employee. This allows a clear insight into employee’s availability. You will know exactly if and when your employee is available. Each team member has a profile card. The card shows:

  • Basic info
  • Roles - create any role you need
  • Additional info - Skype, Linkedin, Birthday, Marital status etc.
  • Timeline - for adding events
  • Time off - vacations, sick leave, paid time etc.
  • Engagements - hours per week on a project and the period
  • Boards - Boards to which a member has been added to

Team members card

The Organization Owner and the Admin can add new members to the Organization. Employees can have three types of permissions: Admin, Member and Guests. Members don’t have access to Clients and Invoice pages and they can’t add new members or configure the Organization. A Guest hasn’t been officially added as a member; he/she is just a team member on a Board within the Organization.

VivifyScrum is becoming more than just a collaboration tool, it is a full-fledged piece of Scrum software with great features for larger organizations.