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Product updates

New version - new features

18 Oct 2017

VivifyScrum announces new features

We’ve been busy working on some new and exciting features for our VivifyScrum v2. Here is what’s new:

  • Themes - For all of you night owls out there, we’ve made the dark theme available again. Dark theme creates experience ideal for night work. You can switch between the light and dark theme on Your Account Settings page. In addition to this, we wanted to surprise you with a Graphite theme. A bit lighter than the Dark theme and darker than the Light one, this theme is definitely for you who don’t believe that everything is either black or white!

How to change a theme in VivifyScrum

  • Hotkeys - This feature was also available in the v1, but we have updated it and improved it. You can still assign several Item details such as assignee, reviewer, points, value and label. But, when it comes to priority instead of deciding what type of priority it is, you can just choose whether that is a priority or not. Once you create your hotkeys, you can add them by typing # in the Item title and choose the one you want from the drop-down menu. Hotkeys can be found on Configure Board page, in Hotkeys tab. 

  • Item type - If you want to change the Item type, you can do it on the card. You don’t have to open the item to do this anymore. We added the icon that opens a drop-down menu when you click on it. Here, you can easily pick the Item type you need, click on it and voilà - your Item type is changed.

How to change Item type in VivifyScrum


Let us know how we can make your favorite scrum software for Windows even better in the future!