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Product updates

New year - New features

13 Jan 2016

New year means new plans, new clear goals and new ideas on how to reach them. We’ve added new features to help you succeed faster at turning your plans into reality with VivifyScrum.

  • Hotkeys improvement - possibility to predefine checklist items (on the Configure Board page, Hotkeys section)

  • The feature you were asking for - clicking outside the Item modal closes the modal
  • Work log improvements
    • Work log assignee - log work for other Team Members or yourself
    • Start date - define the date of a work log
    • Log exact time

work log

  • Delete Sprint - every Sprint can be deleted. Items within the Sprint can be deleted all together or moved to a different column
  • Kanban board Stats improvement - a list of Users’ activities on the Board
  • Previous/Next Item shortcut - left ← and right → arrow keys - browse through Items within one column while the Item modal is opened
  • New labels
    • Improved design
    • Searchable labels
    • Easier to add labels, to edit them and to pick a label color
    • Easily remove a label from an Item with one click
  • Expand all Item cards - if your default view of Item cards is not showing details, you can expand/collapse all cards at once with a click on the button

expand all

  • Editing Item title and description improvement - save both changes by clicking one Save button. An even faster way of doing this is to use the shortcut ctrl+enter


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