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Product updates

October tidbits

22 Oct 2015

We hear(t) you! Here are the most wanted features based on your feedback. And they are available:

  • Multi-assignee - assign Item to more than one user
  • Previous/next Item button - you can easily switch to the previous or to the next Item in the column without closing the Item modal
  • Change Board type - go from Kanban to Scrum and vice versa in seconds. Accessible from the Configure Board section.
  • Move Item to another Board - move an Item by specifying the exact location within another Board. No more copying and pasting.
  • Hashcode - copy an Item code to the clipboard with one click #{code}
  • VivifyScrum Board import - if for some reason you need to, the procedure is very simple
  • Gmail extension improvements


Just a quick reminder of all available keyboard shortcuts:

?  Show / hide this help menu

s  Focus on Search

ctrl + ⇧ + g  Whack Team Members

enter  Open selected Item in modal

⇧ + enter  Open selected Item

a  Add new Item

q  Filter Items assigned to me

w  Filter Items on which I’m a Reviewer

  Navigate through Items down

  Navigate through Items up

  Navigate through Items right

  Navigate through Items left

space  Assign myself to the selected Item

esc  Closed Item modal