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How to Write a Perfect Product Owner Resume

29 Oct 2019

The role of a Product Owner (PO) is in high demand these days. The job itself is well-paid, and while the role is quite challenging, it is also very rewarding. And while most teams and companies will first go in-house to fill the role, there are still plenty of organizations that hire from outside. In order to get your foot in the door, you will need a Product Owner resume that will at least land you an interview. 

So, how to write it?

Back to the basics

One of the most commonly quoted resume-related facts (and probably completely false) is that people who hire spend a few milliseconds on each resume. While this is probably nonsense, first impressions still matter a lot. 

This is how you do it:

  • Make sure your resume is clear and easy to navigate. (Try to put everything on a single page without cluttering information).
  • Choose the right format and fonts so that it's easy to read.
  • Include the necessary information, such as contact information in the heading of your resume.
  • Have clear sections, such as personal information, education, work experience, etc. divided into clear categories.
  • Make it visually pleasing. (Not necessary, but it helps)
  • Your resume tells a story about who you are and what you did in the past. It will also portray your skills, experience and accomplishments in accordance with the employer's expectations and requirements. 

The body of the resume

Now it's time to emphasize why you're ideally suited for the position of a Product Owner. As mentioned before, the role of a PO is not technical so you don't have to worry too much if you don't have any experience in programming, development, design and so on. What matters the most, however, is that you have the right soft skills and business know-how. That said, let's create the body for your resume.

Write a captivating resume profile

  • A resume profile is a brief (usually one-to-four sentence long) summary of your skills, experience and qualifications. This is basically a pitch to recruiters relevant to the position of a PO you're applying for. Don't be vague and highlight your best accomplishments/skills.

Previous work experience 

  • You should highlight your latest and most relevant positions in this category. Even if you have no previous experience as Product Owner, you should highlight anything relevant to this position, such as experience in a sales team, project management, business analytics, etc.

Your soft skills

  • In a perfect Product Owner resume, soft skills play an important role. Some of the key skills a PO should have are leadership, communication, collaboration and conflict-resolving skills, ability to see things from the customer point of view, analytic skills, strategic ability and so on. If you also have hard skills, list them as well. 


scrum software




The Product Owner role is best learned through experience which is why your personal experience in this role will most probably be a crucial part of your resume.  

Make sure to list all of your previous experience as a Product Owner and don't try to win over recruiters with fancy fluff words. Instead, be precise and focus on figures and facts. 

Recruiters want information that is tangible and measurable, such as improved a company's revenue by 5%, increased the team's productivity by 4%, improved product sales by 11% and so on. 


Show the recruiters how educated you are. This always helps when sorting through potential candidates. Aside from that, highlight your PO certification, if any. Know that experience always beats certification. However, being certified as a Product Owner will never hurt your chances of landing a job.

The other section

Every resume has the other section. This is where you list something about yourself that will interest your employers. For example, you can add hobbies, volunteer work, general interests and anything that will give recruiters a sense of who you are as a person, not just a potential employee. 

Here you can also write something about what makes you unique and why recruiters should pick you over someone else. 

Don't hesitate to put your best face forward. Even if you don't have any credentials, references or recommendations, it's your ambition that might prevail over everything else. More importantly, be honest about everything, if you try to inflate the facts, it might backfire as recruiters aren't hesitant to check the facts out, especially if they're interested in hiring you. 

Attach a cover letter

Now that your resume is completed, it's also the time to write a Product Owner cover letter. What you should know is that 50% of recruiters expect this from candidates so don't neglect the power of it. Similar to writing your resume, your cover letter must be clear, easy to read and on-point, among other things. 

Portray to the employer everything you have to offer and how great of an asset you can be to their organization. Add any details you might have left out in your resume regarding yourself that you consider important to note. Make sure both your resume and your cover letter is in PDF. format (It's more preferable) and send them to your recruiter. 

Product Owner resume examples

Of course, we have created two Product Owner resume examples that you can check out and download as PDFs

Product Owner Resume Example No. 1

Product Owner Resume Example No. 1

Download Example

Product Owner Resume Example No. 2

Product Owner Resume Example No. 2

Download Example

Closing word

Writing a perfect Product Owner resume might seem daunting at first glance. You might get too nervous trying to avoid any mistakes. However, if you stick to the simple rules and include relevant and valuable information that will interest your potential employer, you'll have a perfect resume in no time.

Make sure to check out our guide on writing Scrum Master resumes!