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Product updates

Project Calendar - Visualize your Team’s Engagements

24 Sep 2018

What’s the best way to start a week? Why, with a brand new feature, of course! We are talking about VivifyScrum’s new Project Calendar that visualizes the engagements of your organization members across all of your projects. We know this is what you want from your Scrum management tools and we delivered!

Great for Managing Multiple Projects

Keeping track of multiple projects your organization is working on can be challenging, especially when you have people working on more than one project.

While VivifyScrum’s Team Management capabilities help you keep track of your people’s engagements, the new Project Calendar provides a visual representation of who is working on which project and during which time period.

Project calendar screenshot

You can view your Project Calendar on the Project page and you can modify it by setting a custom period for which the Team Members’ engagements will be visible. You can also select if you want the Week, Month or Year view.

The best part of it all is that the Project Calendar is generated automatically as you add or modify project engagements for the members of your organization.


A bit Extra - Placeholder Engagements

In case you looked really closely at the screenshot, you may have noticed a few engagements for organization members called Back End Developer 1, Back End Developer 2 and even ???.

These are the new Placeholder Engagements that we added to VivifyScrum, enabling you to plan your future team engagements even if you are not sure which people exactly will be taking on those responsibilities.

This way, you can better organize your projects and team engagements for months in advance, preventing those situations where you cannot find anyone for a crucial part of the project.