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Product updates

Release notes: The new look of your favorite Scrum and Kanban tool

04 Oct 2017

New look of your favorite scrum and kanban tool

Empowered scrum and kanban tool is finally here. On September 25th you’ve witnessed the launch of VivifyScrum2.0. It has evolved and changed based on your feedback and our development vision. VivifyScrum2.0 will continue to grow, new features will be added at the end of every iteration. Here are some of the most notable changes that happened on the journey from 1.0 to 2.0.

New Estimations

We’ve introduced a new way to estimate your Product Backlog Items (tasks). The Estimation represents a relation between the Item (business) value and effort needed to complete the task (Effort Units). VivifyScrum automatically calculates the Estimation of an Item and shows it on the Item card. On the Configure board page, Settings tab, you can choose to only Show Effort Units on the Item card.

Is it time to say goodbye to the Item code?

Even though you can’t see it on a card, the Item code still exists. You can copy it to the clipboard by clicking on the Share icon and paste it where you need it. Our idea for the future is to reduce the importance of remembering and seeing the Item code.

For those who can’t make a sudden change to accept VivifyScrum boards without the Item code, there is an option to make it visible on all cards. Go to the Configure Board page, Settings tab, and check the box to Show Item code on your Items.

Show Item code


But there is a new star in VivifyScrum named #

This shortcut will save you from excessive clicking (next to the hotkeys you create). You’re now able to assign the Item details without opening the Item card.

While you’re creating a task, type # in the Title field. This action will open a drop-down with labels, assignees, reviews and Item types. If what you’re looking for is not visible in the drop-down, just continue typing until you see it. Choose it with either keyboard arrows or a mouse click. You can do this more than once for a single Item.

Compact sidebar

Your Items have more space for themselves now. We’ve replaced the text in the sidebar with our new set of icons. Titles are visible on hover. The order of sidebar items is the same as it was in the previous version of VivifyScrum. Sidebar items can’t be reordered.

Item Card size

Item card size adjusts to the content of the Item. There won't be two views of the Backlog like it was in the previous version, but we will implement a list view, which will give you a quick overview of your Backlog.

How to archive your Board?

Archiving is now easier. You can do it from the Dashboard. Hover over a Board you’d like to archive and the archive icon will appear in the upper right corner. Like in the previous version, only Board Owner can delete a Board. First, archive a Board and then delete it.


Based on your feedback and insights we’ve collected, levels of priority are removed from VivifyScrum2.0. You can now toggle the priority (on/off) by clicking on the flag icon on the Item card.


Dark theme and Planning poker are coming back soon!