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Being on Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast

12 Apr 2019

Vasco Duarte has been an Agile coach for over a decade and it shows – his Scrum Master Toolbox Podcast has quickly become one of our favorite Agile podcasts that we often share internally. His guests, all with an Agile background, offer incredible insight into the challenges they’ve encountered when optimising themselves, their teams and entire companies. It also helps a lot that each interview is sliced into 10-minute episodes for quick consumption.

It is for the reasons above that we were extremely excited when Vasco agreed to talk our own Scrum Master, Nedeljko Damnjanović on his show, and oh boy did they discuss things. While we’ll list all the episodes below, you should absolutely visit Scrum Master Toolbox and check out other guests, we’re pretty sure you’ll find a topic that will interest and benefit you.

On transitioning from a “doer” to “enabler”:

How to introduce (inexperienced) teams to Scrum:

How Scrum teams can avoid catastrophic failures:

On the Sailboat Retrospective Format and 5 success metrics for Scrum Masters:

On receiving and integrating new team members: